Record Suspension

How to Suspend your Criminal Record with a Record Suspension
(previously call a Canadian Pardon)

What is a Record Suspension?

A Record Suspension: Erase Criminal Record

  • keeps your criminal record separate and apart from other criminal records;
  • is evidence that your conviction(s) should no longer reflect upon your character; and
  • reduces the risk of discrimination resulting from having a criminal record.

A Record Suspension reduces discrimination in many areas of your life, but may not eliminate all discrimination. Please check out all the specific topics below. If you want immediate assistance, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW.

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Answers to Your Questions – From Canada’s Pardon & Record Suspension Expert

1. Who grants the Record Suspension?

2. What are the benefits of a Record Suspension?

3. What are the limitations of a Record Suspension?

4. When can I apply for a Record Suspension?

5. Are any offenses ineligible?

6. Will my record be suspended?

7. Suspension Record Refusals & Good Conduct

8. What is a measurable benefit?

9. Six Ways to Show How a Record Suspension will Sustain Your Rehabilitation into Society

10. Revocation of Pardons or Record Suspensions

11. Summary, Hybrid or Indictable Offences

12. Record Suspension Processing Times

13. Emergency & Early Record Suspensions

14. Conditional & Absolute Discharges

15. Automatic Purging of Convictions

16. Traveling Outside Canada with a Record

17. Must I disclose a suspended file?

18. Can I obtain a passport?

19. How do I apply for a Record Suspension?


Special Topics

  1. Record Application Fees and Disbursements
  2. Parole Board Application Processing Times
  3. RCMP Processing Times
  4. Tips on How to Plead a Criminal Case
  5. Industry Information (under construction)
  6. Blog Topics

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